Jeffrey Perry Golf Turf

Jeffrey Perry Golf Backyard Green

After installing a 30'x39' synthetic putting/chipping green in my backyard last fall, I decided to purchaseThe Net Return to further practice muscle memory for my golf swing.

Paul Crawley did an excellent job of walking me through all the benefits and options of The Net Return including size, side barriers, mat type and potential location at my home.

I ultimately decided that The Net Return would fit nicely on the northern most portion of the putting/chipping green without obstructing the green when not in use. I also decided to use the side barriers for guests or my kids who may have a wayward shot. When not in use, the side barriers can be placed behind The Net Return.

I also opted to go with the 6'x10' Pro Turf to get the full "return effect" while not disturbing the putting surface with clubs or torque from my golf swing. When not in use, the turf rolls up nicely and can be removed from the putting green.

Now I can work on more aspects of my game all in one place at home!

Paul, thanks again for the personal consultation and producing such a great product, continued success.


Jeff Perry

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Just love the NetReturn. Been using mine for years.

No longer do I drive 2 or 3 nights a week to the local driving range, (which actually closed so they could put up homes), I just step out into my backyard. This saves me time and money and provides me the flexibility to practice on my schedule and also use the brand of golf ball I normally play.

One of the best birthday presents I have ever gotten.

Paul Dunbar

South Setauket, NY

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Jason Lee Pro Series Golf Net in Home


Jason Lee

Gardena, CA

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Thanks Paul.  I'm not sure if you were one of the guys I met at the Michigan Golf Show, in Novi this year, but I had to stop by and tell the gang what I thought of your product.  
It is by far the best net I have ever used, seen, tested, or thought about buying.  My 7yo daughter, she absolutely loves it, and uses it probably more than I do!!  Who would have thought it would have had such an early impact on her beginning her addiction to the game of golf!!  
For that reason alone, I applaud your product, and continue to tell anyone who will listen about it. 

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Brian Grenda


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Dear Paul

It was great seeing you at the PGA Show last month. I have attached a video of me using the net in my garage. I don't even have to break it down as my wife can still fit her car in. I have saved hundreds of dollars by not having to pay $10.00 at the range each time.

The "Net" is Awesome!

Jay Cohen
Long Island, NY


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BJ - Ohio

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