Pair your Net Return with a FlighScope Launch Monitor to build the ultimate at-home experience.


Sim Bay Or Net: There are a variety of ways to use a golf simulator, but they all require something to hit the ball into. To jumpstart the process of building the perfect at-home simulator start with a Net Return or Sim Bay. Our company offer a wide range of models and brands to create the perfect setup.

Launch Monitor + Software: A device that measures various aspects of a golf swing, such as club speed, ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate.This provides feedback to golfers and simulates real-world golfing conditions for training and entertainment purposes.

Projector or TV: Displays the simulated golf course environment and ball flight data, enhancing the overall experience and providing visual feedback during practice sessions.

If you already own a Net Return and wish to incorporate simulation capabilities, our Sim Add-Ons allow you to upgrade your existing setup by adding accessories like the Sim Screen and Valence components.