No Fly Zone V2 Side Barriers

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Single/Pair: No Fly Zone V2 Side Barrier - Single


These Side Barriers are made exclusively to pair with our No Fly Zone V2

Pre-Sale / Product will ship in April. Quantities limited.

ULTIMATE ENCLOSURE - The No Fly Zone V2 Side Barriers seamlessly attach to your No Fly Zone V2 overhead net, creating a comprehensive enclosure to prevent mis-hit golf balls from leaving the hitting area.

ENHANCED SAFETY - Designed for indoor and safety-conscious outdoor use, the Side Barriers provide an additional layer of protection.

TAILORED FOR NO FLY ZONE V2 - Exclusively compatible with the No Fly Zone V2 product, these Side Barriers are an essential add-on for users seeking a complete and secure golf practice experience.

QUICK SETUP - The No Fly Zone V2 Side Barriers boast a user-friendly setup process, requiring less than five minutes. Enjoy the convenience of easy assembly whenever and wherever you need it.

VERSATILE CONFIGURATIONS - The Side Barriers offer flexibility with adjustable angles to accommodate various hitting preferences. Extend them straight out or set them up on wider angles, providing a customized setup for your practice sessions.

CONVENIENT STORAGE & TRANSPORT - Crafted with durability in mind, these Side Barriers are made of polyester netting and can be easily stored or transported in your duffle bag, maintaining portability without compromising on quality.

INTEGRATED SANDBAG SYSTEM - Each set of Side Barriers includes sandbags for stability—one for individual barriers and two for the pair. This ensures a secure setup, even in challenging conditions.

SPACE-SAVING DESIGN - When not in use, the Side Barriers can be walked into the front of the frame to reclaim floor space. Simply lift each sandbag, walk in, and place them on the side of the frame for a quick and straightforward storage solution.

HANDCRAFTED QUALITY - Just like their predecessor, these Side Barriers are individually cut and sewn by hand, ensuring a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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Be sure to check out our videos (below) for easy assembly and installation instructions


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