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 The Universal Side Barriers are specifically designed for use with The Net Return Pro Series V2 Net and Home Series (V2 and Classic).

The Side Barriers insure that stray or erratic balls never leave the hitting area. If using the Pro or Home Series net indoors or in an area where errant balls are a safety concern, the Side Barriers are required.

Many golfers also choose to add the Side Barriers when considering "Friends and Family" hitting into the net. If you are an accomplished golfer or using the Pro or Home Series outdoors where safety is not a concern, the Side Barriers are not required.

The Side Barriers are made of polyester netting, setup in under 5 minutes and can be easily stored or transported in the Pro or Home Series duffle bag. Each Side Barrier is individually cut and sewn by hand. Each pair of Side Barriers weigh approximately 7 lbs., are 7’4” high and extend out to 11’ - 12' in length.

They are sold in pairs (right and left), can be extended straight out or setup on wider angles as needs dictate. Each set of Side Barriers are extended out by using sandbags, four are provided (one for each Side Barrier) and two on the rear of the frame.

When not in use, the Side Barriers can be walked into the front of the frame to help recover any lost floor space. Simply pick up each sandbag, walk in and place on the side of the frame. It's that simple...

Also Note -  

If you own a Pro Series Classic net, these side barriers will not fit on your net. Look to purchase the Pro Series Classic Side Barriers instead - found here.

Be sure to check out our videos (below) for easy assembly and installation instructions 

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