Steve Griffiths - Greenwich, Connecticut

After destroying a cheap net in just a few days I decided to spend the extra money and give The Net Return a try. This product is fantastic!

With 2 young kids I have little time on the course and so having a net in my basement is great. I've been playing to a 10 handicap for 2 or 3 years but I am convinced that this will help groove my swing and get me into single figures. Unlike other nets there is no slamming sound because the ball hits net rather than canvas.

You can use any club without having to worry about your follow through as there is no hood unlike the more dome like shapes. You can therefore swing freely. It's well made and well thought out and up in minutes.

A thoroughly great product for any handicap and for anyone who wants improve or just has the urge to hit a few balls in the middle of watching the golf channel.

As one golfer to another, get this product.

Steve Griffiths
Greenwich, CT

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