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Many sports nets would shred to pieces under the stress of a 200 mph golf shot. Others might rocket the shot back at the golfer like a bullet, causing serious safety concerns. Only The Net Return sports nets are designed to safely absorb up to 200 mph shots and gently return the ball back to the ball-striker's feet.

The Net Return's innovative Pro Series training nets utilize a patent pending design feature that absorbs the shot and then gently returns the ball to the feet of the athlete offering the versatility to practice anything from hitting golf balls to soccer shooting techniques, whether in an outdoor or indoor setting. The patent pending return feature uses the momentum generated from the ball hitting the net to send the ball softly back to the user's feet. This feature greatly increases efficiency and quality of practice time by reducing the time spent chasing after balls.

The Net Return Pro Series nets stand 7' 5" tall, 8' wide and 3'6" deep and is made of a lightweight 1.5' tubular aluminum frame and weighs approximately 28 pounds, making it very easy to transport. The sleeved net is made of heavyweight polyester and the entire structure can be easily assembled without tools thanks to the Push Button Quick Color Connect System. The Push Button Quick Color Connect System ensures assembly, by a single person, in less than five minutes.

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