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Corey Consuegra

Bridgestone Golf

“For the past three years, we at Bridgestone Golf have used The Net Return in our Ball Fitting program. The Net Return has proven to be the best available hitting net on the market. With more than 25 units around the United States and many more overseas, our Net Return’s catch a minimum of 400,000 shots per year. The quality and durability of the nets are the reason we choose The Net Return year in and year out. Not only is the product proven, but the staff at The Net Return provides service that is bar none, the best out there!”

New York Jets

Bergen Record Article

New York Jets 

 Dallas Cowboys

“Before field goal attempts, The Net Return Extra Point allows kickers more warm up reps. With the old nets, the ball would go in the back of the net and stay there, and a lot of times players’ helmets would get caught when they retrieved it. I always talk to the kickers from the opposing teams, and they’ve liked the new net, too. I think in a few years it’ll be the standard in the league.”

Diane Misiura


Thanks for a great product!

David Knittel


Hi, my name is David Knittel. My wife bought me the Net Return, pro golf package for Christmas this year, 2012. I have to say that this is probably the single best golf net, training aid I have ever used, not to mention the best Christmas present ever. Everything about it is top quality and the end product once it’s put together looks like a Pro golf range in my back yard.

I have been looking for the right net to purchase for a while now and thank god I came across the Net Return. One ball, over and over again, no wasted effort, just swinging. Putting the system together is so easy with the color coded poles, anybody could do it. I put mine together by myself and from start to finish, even with the side nets it took me about a half an hour. It is all light weight aluminum poles and the net is already in place. Just snap all the poles together slide the net around it and your off. I didn’t even need to use any directions, it was just that easy.

I thought the system was a little pricey but again, the end product is awesome. I have the huge golf mat 6’ x 10’ and it’s thick. The side nets are great, as I have some children who are also using it. Moving it around to find the best location was easy because it is so light. The sand bags that come with the package are great for keeping it stable and it really finishes off the side nets nicely. I haven’t put the tees in the mat yet, just because I’m not sure where I want to place them. I am also going to purchase the cup so it can double as a putting green and the UV spray to protect it. Don’t worry about the price of this net, you will be amazed and delighted once you put it together. Dollar for dollar, this has got to be the best net on the market today.

I set this up on my Lanai, as I live in Florida and have attached some pictures for you.

Ford Newell


I can't thank you enough for the new net! It's arrival alone really brightened our day here in the shop. For the rainy day that it is this was a great treat. The Director of Golf was impressed with the design and functionality. I have already posted videos and photos to my Facebook and have friends with interest (within minutes). I will be holding a holiday sales event for the golf shop and will be using The Net Return. The member will hit a shot into the net and when the ball rolls back I will have a mat on the floor split into 4 squares, each square will have a certain percentage off their purchase. Attached is a video and a couple of pictures of our learning center here at Wakefield Plantation.


Titleist Performance Institute

Titleist Performance Institute

The Net Return is a new hitting net made out of heavy duty netting, that is designed in such a way that the ball returns to your feet after every swing. This net is easy to setup and packs into a duffle bag for storage or travel. It can be used for multiple sports and gives you the ability to practice your sport in the comfort of your home.

There are many less expensive nets on the market but they fall short in quality which may lead to safety issues. If you want to hit golf balls at full speed and want something that will stand the test of time then you should look at the "The Net Return".

Dave Phillips
Titleist Performance Institute

NBC's Celebrity Apprentice

Toshiyo Hayashi


It was nice meeting you last week. I have the net return set up in my basement now and it's awesome. Took some photos because I thought it looked good :-) It's so relaxing to hit the ball and practice after a long day. It's a lot of fun as well. I'm already improving with my contact and I feel like it was a great money spent. Thanks for the quality product!


P.S. I'm glad I got the green color because I feel that it matches the turf and looks great.

Jerry Honstein


A short Net Return testimonial video from Jerry Honstein in his backyard in Coronado, CA. 


Just another positive thought regarding anyone considering the investing in "The Net Return!" Every golfer, or would be golfer, should ask themselves how much they have invested in the latest development in golf club technology with the desire of obtaining longer drives and more accurate iron shots with highly hyped golf clubs touted to reduce their scores. All of this hope, while the average golf scores remain the same as those obtained in the 1960's!" Even with more 'user-friendly' golf courses, scores and subsequent Handicaps remain the same! 

Such reality of thought leaves one with the realization that improvement only comes with practice. And the easiest, least costly method of practice in terms of time and money, involves the use of repeated development of muscle memory! Even 'bad practice' develops some degree of consistency and prediction of shot vs. a lack of same. The answer is one having their own, home positioned opportunity to hit balls every day, and The Net Return, which I use every day, provides the most informative, long-lasting, and cost efficient practice net in existence. How reassuring is it to hit thousands of balls without the fear of a ball piercing the net and damaging what or whoever is on the other side? At least the difference in the cost of those less expensive prices of your competitive products - of which I have worn out several in a very short period of time, is "value well obtained!"

"Kudos" to you and your team for the development of the highest level of value available in golf net technology,

Jerry P. v, Honstein, Founder & President
DENTAL VENTURES OF AMERICA, INC., and a Very Satisfied Customer

U.S. Soldier Recreation – Iraq & Afghanistan

(Photo courtesy of Golf Supports Our Troops)

Support Our Troops


Support Our Troops

Matt Papes


With any item you order by mail, sight unseen, there is always skepticism. Even more so when you have the record of failure that I have had trying to buy a golf net so I could practice at home. I am glad to say though that I have finally hit the jackpot!

I bought what is called The Net Return, which one of my co-workers that once had a setup in his home referred me to. There are multiple videos on the site that explain how it works, including assembly and disassembly. I am the world's laziest, clumsiest, and inept handymen, which disappoints my wife to no end, but I won't bore you with that tale of woe here. I mention it because even I, as challenged as I am in building things, was able to put the net together in no time flat, just as advertised on the site.

I didn't buy the accessories because I had my own mat. But I think I will be visiting home depot to put some carpeting or something on the floor so when the ball comes back to me it is not hitting pavement. But even though it is doing so it works just fine!

One thing I did learn quickly is that if you own a nice car like I do, you better get it the heck out of the garage while you are practicing! I shanked one right into the right tire about 4 swings in! Luckily no damage was done!

I am convinced that to really bring the handicap down, the first step is more practice and as a practical matter this needs to be done at home and done in rain or shine. With The Net Return I am now set up for success in 2010. We'll be getting to the New Year's Resolutions and Action Plans in upcoming posts, so please stay tuned. In the meantime, I am sure sometime this New Year's eve I will have consumed champagne and still feel compelled to practice. I just hope I remember to move my car before doing so!

Coach Dave Jennings


Central Alabama Community College is located in Alexander City, Alabama. Some may not consider this area to be in tremendous need of an indoor practice facility for a college golf team but we are located on the eastern side of the Central Time Zone which puts into darkness early in the afternoon late fall through early spring and Alabama does experience a great number of electrical storms in spring, summer and fall seasons.

CACC Golf has enjoyed a tremendous tradition in winning and if your team is not able to practice, other teams are getting better, while you're inside watching horrific weather or having to head home during the shorter days in winter. We have solved these problems by coming inside and getting a lot of work done.

This year we installed 5 indoor hitting bays as well as a 15'x 35' putting & chipping green. After a visit to the PGA Merchandise Show in 2008, I had no doubt in what netting system I was going to utilize – The Net Return. At the PGA Show, the Net Return booth kept drawing me nearer as I spotted people hit non-stop golf shots into the net using only 1 golf ball and without having to chase it down. I introduced myself to the Net Return staff and told them of my plans for the on-campus indoor practice facility and I was delighted to see how great these people were to work with.

My life has been surrounded around golf. I began playing at the age of 5 and that equates to 48 years of practicing, playing, teaching and coaching the game of golf. I've been fortunate to have played competitively across the globe and teach a large number of talented players. Throughout these many years in the golf industry the Net Return may be one of the most common sense and tremendous products I've come across.

Installation of the nets for our 5 full swing hitting bays took me less than an hour. The engineering of the frame and the net makes set-up and breakdown a breeze. The Net Return system is built to last while still being extremely light weight. In our situation, where we need to do a bit of vacuuming in the room, the Net Return System simply slides off to the side while we're cleaning up and then with no effort at all, we slide it right back to its position. Since the first of the year, our Men's Golf Team has fired thousands of hard-hit golf shots into our new nets and there is absolutely no sign of wear or tear.

Regardless if a golfer is looking for an indoor or outdoors practice net system the Net Return is the only way to go. No other company can compare with quality, craftsmanship, engineering and price like the folks at Net Return. At this year's PGA Show, it was a pleasure for me to stop in to say hello to these fine people and give honest and unsolicited testimony to their product to those who stopped by.

If anyone has any concerns of the Net Return, I would be pleased to answer any questions. This is a great product!

Coach Dave Jennings
Central Alabama Community College
Men's TROJAN Golf Team

Cade Havard with his Large High Definition Flat Screen directly behind his Pro Series net. Combined with his Golf Simulator system, Cade can play his favorite golf course whenever he wants!

Cade Havard
Dallas, TX