Pro Series Lacrosse & Multi-Sport Net

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Tired of having to stop after each shot in order to retrieve the ball?

This flaw found in traditional nets wastes much of your training time. Recapture this wasted time, energy and effort with a Net Return high-performance training net that automatically returns the ball to the player.

Are you worried about a really hard shot ripping through a brand new net? Not with the Net Return - Fire Away!

The Net Return handles the hardest shots and passes with ease, controlling them and then rolling the lax ball back to the player. This also allows both teams and individuals to practice scooping balls from the field surface – a critical skill during game play.

The Net Return is not a Lacrosse rebounder, pitchback or Lacrosse goal. It is a revolutionary new training net that maximizes an athletes training sessions. It is a serious net, designed for the serious player.

It is important to note that high grass limits the distance of the ball return. The Net Return Lacrosse Training Net performs best on field turf, short grass, driveways, gym floors, etc. The smoother the playing surface the farther the ball will return. Making it ideal to use in your driveway, garage or basement.

Multi-Sport Use - Including Golf, Baseball, Softball and Soccer

The Net Return™ Pro Series is not just for Lacrosse. It can be used for numerous sports such as Golf, Soccer, Baseball and Softball. This is why the Net Return™ Pro Series sport net is The Only Net You Need™

A Net Return Lacrosse Net is Designed for Years of Use
Each and every training net is individually handcraft and designed for years of use. Our replacement parts system is the first of its kind in the world of sport training nets.

Replacement Parts? Damage a tube? Damage the net? No Problem!

Simply order the replacement part you need (online or over the phone) and we will ship it right out to you. Try that with any other training net!

What is the Warranty on a Net Return Lacrosse Net?
We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with a Full One Year Warranty on all the products that we sell.

Don't hesitate to give us a call (973-636-7354 Office) or drop us an email using our website Contact Page.

Easy Mobility and Transport, Includes Duffle Bag
The Pro Series assembles and breaks down in under 5 minutes using The Net Return's pushbutton "Quick Color Connect System". Simply match up the tube colors and the net assembles in no time.

The Net Return lacrosse training net breaks down into a duffle bag. The dimensions of the bag are 12" in diameter by 42" long weighing only 28 lbs. Real easy to store when not in use, or transport in the backseat or trunk of your car when traveling.


  • Pro Series Lacrosse Net
  • Pro Series Lacrosse Net Front View
  • Pro Series Net Angled Side View
  • Pro Series Net Side View
  • Pro Series Net Lacrosse Shot
  • Pro Series Lacrosse Net with Lax Player
  • Lacrosse Player Shot on Pro Series Net
  • Pro Series Net Front View with Target
  • Quick Color Connect System with Hand
  • Pro Series Net with Logo and Netting
  • Pro Series Net Outdoors with Golfer
  • Quick Color Connect System
  • Pro Series Net - Made in the USA
  • Pro Series Multi-Sport Net
  • Pro Series Net with Soccer Player
  • Pro Series Net with Dimensions
  • Pro Series Lacrosse & Multi-Sport Net




Lightweight, rugged, 1.5” tubular aluminum frame that is rust resistant. Netting is polyster, UV treated & commercial grade. Large, stainless steel push buttons and comes with a rugged, black poly carry bag.


We offer a full year warranty and a 250K Shot Guarantee on your Net Return net. Plus, we offer a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (less shipping and handling).


One person setup in under 5 minutes! Push button assembly with tools required with a Quick Color Connect System™. The net is sleeved -- easy on and off. Stores and transports easily in convenient duffle bag (included).


The Net Return™ Pro Series is not just for Golf. It can be used for numerous sports such as Golf, Baseball, Softball, Soccer and Lacrosse. This is why we say that the Net Return™ Pro Series sport net is The Only Net You Need™.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Titleist Performance Institute

The Net Return is a new hitting net made out of heavy duty netting, that is designed in such a way that the ball returns to your feet after every swing. This net is easy to setup and packs into a duffle bag for storage or travel. It can be used for multiple sports and gives you the ability to practice your sport in the comfort of your home. There are many less expensive nets on the market but they fall short in quality which may lead to safety issues. If you want to hit golf balls at full speed and want something that will stand the test of time then you should look at the “The Net Return”.

John Nguyen

Thank you for a great product. It was very easy to set up - took my son and I about 10 minutes to set up everything (see attached pic). Very high-end net and mat far exceeded my expectation. I’ve used other nets & mats before and this is the very best, worth every penny. It works like advertised, the ball returns with instant feed back when hitting it straight, hook, or slice. I’m glad that I also got the side nets – it has saved a few stray balls. We have been using it every day.

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I Guarantee You Will Love Your Net Return Sport Net

We guarantee your satisfaction. We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with a Full One Year Warranty on all the products that we sell.

Additional Questions? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (973) 636-7354 or visit our Contact Page.

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