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The Net Return

Home Series V2 - "No Fly Zone"

Home Series V2 - "No Fly Zone"

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Hitting Mat 1 x 2 - Details

The Net Return Hitting Mat 1 x 2 provides the same great hitting surface as our Pro Turf.

It is just smaller in size at 1' x 2'. It has the same foam base, is approx. 3/4" thick and has a rugged Nylon hitting surface.

The turf comes with two holes already drilled for the provided Rubber Tee.

This product does not hold a Natural Tee. If this is something you desire, than you can look at our Thick Tee product, also on this page.

Thick Tee Turf 2 x 3 - Details

The Thick Tee Turf is a wonderful hitting surface that provides a realistic feel, similar to a second cut around the green.

It is over 1" Thick, holds a Natural Tee and provides greater bounce for each shot you take.Use it with every club in your bag.

The natural feel and 1" of thickness, also helps prevent injury to wrists and elbows - common with standard driving range mats.

The Thick Tee Turf can also be embedded into our larger Pro Turf (6'W x10'L). This provides a softer hitting surface while still retaining the benefits of ball return.




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Video: Why Bryson DeChambeau recommends the net return