What Is The Best Golf Net?

When customers find out about The Net Return and our golf nets, they usually do so by starting their search with this question "What is the best golf net?" or "Who makes the best golf net?"

At this point, I should state as loudly and as powerfully as I can "The Net Return makes the best golf net!" and outline all the reasons why... Automatic Ball Return, 225 MPH ball speeds, Instant Shot Feedback, 250K Shot Guarantee, etc., as if this is going to convince or "sell" you on our products.

As for myself, the first place I go for a trusted review of a product is a friend or family member. If they do not own the product (or know someone who does) then I head over to and dig further.

This is what I often do, and would encourage you to do the same. Take the time to go through our website, understand who we are and our passion for creating "the best golf nets in the world..." then ask friends or family, or visit Amazon for customer reviews allowing you to make the most informed decision.

If you do decide to purchase a Net Return, I can then guarantee, the golf net that arrives at your door will be the finest golf net in the world. A Net Return golf net will lower your score, save you money and time running back and forth to the range and... work with any golf simulator or swing analyzer you would want to integrate.

 If in any way you feel that this is not the case, we will buy it back (including shipping). That is my promise to you...


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Here's to lowering your score!


Paul Crawley - Founder

The Net Return, LLC.