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The Best Golf Mat For Your Pro Series Net

When a golfer first contacts us about our Pro Series golf nets, the second part of the conversation invariably turns to their hitting surface and what is the best golf mat that we would recommend.

This is tricky question for a variety of reasons but the decision is just as important as the golf net or simulator bay that you decide to purchase.

Make a poor decision and you can be left with an unrealistic feel when hitting "down and through..." or worse a elbow or wrist injury due to the repetition of hitting off of a hard surface.

Let's dig into this a little further...

With a Pro Series golf net, balls are gently returned back to the tee at a maximum distance of approximately 10 feet. For this reason we have designed our Pro Turf with a length of 10 feet and a width of 6 feet.

Here is a photo of our Pro Turf with our Pro Series Golf Net

Pro Turf with Golf Net

Most golf turf you will find is 4' x 4', 5' x 5', or in some cases 6' x 5'. Finding a larger turf will usually require a special order which can be expensive.

An example of a standard 5' x 5' golf mat

Standard Golf Mat

If you do decide to go with a smaller turf when using our Pro Series net, just keep in mind that you will need either indoor / outdoor carpet or some type of runner turf to feed the ball back to your turf. You may also be required to "scrape" the ball with your club back up onto your hitting surface. If you go with this method make sure that your indoor / outdoor carpet or runner turf is a putting like surface to get a real smooth return. An example of our Runner Turf can be found here - Runner Turf Accessory.

The softness and "feel" of a golf mat is also critical in your selection. This will depend upon the synthetic fiber thickness at the top of the turf (usually Nylon or Polyester). The best golf mats tend to use Nylon (which is more expensive than Polyester) but has a greater durability from the heat that is generated upon impact from the club head.

We also offer a Thick Tee turf, which is a 2' x 3' 1.5" thick golf mat that will hold a golf tee. It has a thickness and feel of hitting out of the second cut. Many golfers will also embed this turf into their Pro Turf, allowing them to switch out their hitting surfaces with different clubs. When I say "embed" what I mean is that they flip over their Pro Turf, mark the outline of their Thick Tee turf with a Sharpie and then cut out (with a utility knife) the Thick Tee pattern, allowing them to embed the Thick Tee Turf directly into the Pro Turf when they desire.

Thick Tee Golf Turf
(Nylon 1.5" Thick / 2' Wide x 3' Long)


Thick Tee Golf Mat

This is an important point to understand with our Pro Turf. You should never have to replace your entire Pro Turf but with wear over time you may want to simply utilize different inserts in the hitting area. This could be a brushed tee insert, fair way insert, gel or Thick Tee insert. Since your Pro Turf will only be wearing in the very small area you are hitting, this is the smartest and most economical choice over time, also allowing you to hit off different surfaces as you would on a golf course.

Another thought to consider is the laying of rubberized floor tiles under your Pro Turf when using on concrete or tile floors. This will provide a greater softness and bounce on hard surfaces. You can pick these up at your local Home Depot or Lowe's stores pretty inexpensively. They offer a great solution to hard surfaces like concrete and tile. We did up a video of the installation of these rubberized floor tiles with the Optishot Golf Simulator Base on the Assembly tab of our website. You can view the video by clicking this link - Pro Turf Tile Installation.

Other great turf manufacturers of golf mats are Fiberbuilt and Real Feel Golf Mats. Not only are they outstanding golf mats but they offer outstanding customer service as well.

If you have any additional questions regarding the very best golf mat for your Pro Series net, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly. We will gladly answer any question that you may have.

All the best,

- Paul