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Planning Your Indoor Golf Net Installation

Often the most beneficial golf practice today can come from training indoors, with a host of advantages never seen before by former generations of golfers.

With today's advanced technology in golf simulation, swing analysis, body mechanics, etc. golfers are now able to see ball flight, speed, spin, club head angle, body position (and a thousand other data points) with the click of a mouse.

Add in the additional benefits of eliminating weather as a challenge or distraction (sun, rain, heat, cold, wind) along with the time and cost savings of not having to visit your local driving range or practice facility and you can see why so many golfers are developing home training centers in garages, basements, extra bedrooms, etc., at a record pace.

What does it take to build your own home indoor training center with our line of Pro Series golf nets?

Let's take a look, it's actually pretty easy...

The first thing is the space requirement. Make sure that you can swing your clubs in the space you are planning to use.

The last thing you want is to have your Pro Series not fit the intended space once it arrives, let alone impede your swing. If you have the space (tested) the rest is easy...

Using our standard Pro Series Golf Net as an example, let's walk through the planning of your installation.

1. Mark and Tape Out Your Space

The standard Pro Series is 7' 6" tall x 8' wide x 3' 6" deep, the standard Pro Series net will never extend beyond the rear of the frame (the Pro Series Mini will require 6" beyond the frame), so you can have it right up against your wall.

The standard Pro Series footprint is 3'6"deep x 8' wide, tape this out on your floor as a first step. The height should not be a factor since the majority of golf swings will extend above the 7'6" height of our golf net.

Once you have taped out the Pro Series footprint, mark off your distances from the front of the net to where you would feel comfortable hitting from. With a standard Pro Series golf net most golfers are hitting from about 8' - 8' 6" back from the front of the net.

Once you have measured where you will be hitting from, mark this spot on the floor with tape.

* An important note regarding our Pro Series net, design your hitting space so you are hitting into the center of the net (not off to the left or right). This will insure accurate shot feedback and direct ball return back to the tee. 

The next step is to test (swing) each club out of your bag to insure there are no issues or impediments. If you are impeded by any objects in the room (garage door openers, ceilings, walls, lighting fixtures, etc.) review the location of your Pro Series golf net and see if you can relocate it in the room to eliminate any obstructions to your golf swing. If you still have challenges with objects in your way, you may be forced to relocate to another room or outdoors... As an additional note, a Pro Series can be used both indoors as well as outside.

Once you have your space measured and tested, you are ready to get your Pro Series order rolling. We currently have three sizes of Pro Series Nets that you should be aware of, these include:

Standard Pro Series - 7'6" Tall x 8' Wide x 3'6" deep (Net will not extend beyond the rear of the frame)

Mini Pro Series Indoor Golf Net - 5' Wide x 6' Tall x 3'6" Deep (Net will extend 6" beyond the rear of the frame)

Pro Series XL - 9'6" Tall x 10' Wide x 3'6" Deep (Net will not extend beyond the rear of the frame)

Once you have the appropriate space and your indoor golf net size aligned with your room, you should look at your hitting surface.

2. The Hitting Surface

The type of golf mat / turf you choose for your hitting surface is also critical when setting up your home indoor practice area. Make sure to choose a turf that not only provides the width and length you need for your space but good cushion and bounce to insure no repetitive motion injuries occur to wrists or elbows. Injuries like this are very common with serious golfers who do not take the time to research or invest in the right hitting surface. This is just as important as your indoor hitting net!

Our most popular turf is our Pro Turf. The Pro Turf is 6' wide x 10' long, has a 42 ounce Nylon faceweight (meaning it has a durable, soft hitting surface), along with a 5mm foam backing and is over 50 lbs. in weight.

Benefits of our Pro Turf, above and beyond the quality and safety is the fact that it provides continuous ball return. Standard smaller turfs will not provide continuous ball return, as most are 5' x 5', 4' x4', 6' x 5' etc. leaving the golfer to "scrape" the ball back up onto the hitting surface once the golf ball is returned.

Other great choices in golf mats are the brands Fiberbuilt and Real Feel. These are two high quality golf mat manufacturers that do not skimp on quality or customer service.

In conclusion...

It's hard for us to provide a recommended or minimal room size for our nets, due to the height and club lengths of individual golfers. It is best to handle this by taping out the specifications and testing with your own golf clubs as I outlined above. When it comes to choosing your golf turf / hitting surface...this choice is just as important as choosing your indoor golf net. Take your time, do the research and don't skimp on quality... :)

If you have any additional questions regarding our different golf net options, space issues, room design, golf turf, etc., please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help...

Enjoy the 4th of July!


- Paul