250K Shot Guarantee

250K Shot Guarantee

The Net Return guarantees all of our Pro Series Nets (Mini, Standard, XL) - with an industry first 250,000 Shot Guarantee. We will gladly replace any Pro Series net that wears through (due to golf ball impact) within a three year period or 250,000 shots. This equates to over 228 shots per day for three years!

Replacement is for one Pro Series Net only (not the frame). To maximize net life, do not use cut or scuffed golf balls. This guarantee does not cover UV sleeve damage due to sun exposure on the Nylon sleeve. 

Important Note - 

When outdoors make sure to use a UV Spray to protect the sleeve. You can watch our UV Spray application video for the sleeve on the Assembly tab of our website. We recommend either a Trek7 UV Spray (which we sell $19.99) or similar.

Always make sure to check your net prior to use. If you would like to eliminate all wear on your Pro Series Net, you can add  to your purchase our Net Guardian product ($24.99) which is sold as an accessory.

The Net Guardian Installation video can also be seen on the Assembly tab of our website.

For additional questions or details do not hesitate to give us a call 973-636-7354 or email us at

Thank you for the support our company, our products and our mission - to design and manufacture the best sport training nets in the world.


Paul A. Crawley - Founder
The Net Return, LLC.