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TNR Pro Series Large Flex Simulator Screen


$ 349.00

The TNR Pro Series Large Flex Simulator Screen is the ultimate golf accessory for your Pro Series Large Net. 

It is an excellent high performance, high impact training simulation screen with grommets placed at the four corners on the screen for easy mounting. 

It can be used with any Golf Simulator Software / Projector and easily converts your TNR Pro Series Large into a Simulator Screen in minutes! 

Bungee cords (included) make installation a snap and allow you to easily switch between Simulator and Ball Return mode.

Our new flex screens are smooth and light and are designed with many enhanced features.

  • Project Clear and Bright Golf Course Images
  • Extremely Durable
  • Minimizes Bounce Back
  • Much Quieter Design than Standard Simulator Screens


Screen Dimensions:

TNR Pro Series 8 - 85" Tall, 85.5" Wide x 123" Corner to Corner

TNR Pro Series 9 - 85" Tall, 97.5" Wide x 132" Corner to Corner

TNRPro Series 10 - 85" Tall, 109.5" Wide x 141" Corner to Corner

Please Note -

  • The Simulator Software, Projector, Turf and TNR Pro Series Large 8', 9', or 10’ Nets are not included in this purchase.
  • Simulator Screens are the one product that we do not accept returns on. The screen is made of white polyester fabric and can easily be smudged or stained if handled improperly. Please consider this prior to purchase...
  • When the product arrives, it will be folded in the box and have wrinkles and creases. Utilize an iron on a medium setting to remove any wrinkles.

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