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Sniper Series Hockey Goal


$ 199.00 $ 299.00

The Net Return "Sniper Series" Street Hockey Goal is great for Hockey Players of all ages. The "Sniper Series" automatically returns street hockey pucks and balls, allowing players to get the most out of their training sessions.

The "Sniper Series" also provides terrific protection for stray and errant street hockey pucks and balls. No more damaged garage doors or broken windows!

Each "Sniper Series" is sold as a product accessory with our Pro Series Multi-Sport net.

With our Pro Series unique patented "S" shaped design netting system, street hockey balls and pucks are returned automatically back to the shooter.

The Net Return Pro Series net flips a puck onto it's short edge and rolls it back to the shooter! This happens a majority of the time, not all the time due to the unique shape of a hockey puck. To learn more, watch our "Sniper Series" video by selecting the video tab at the bottom of this webpage.

A Net Return Pro Series net can be used for a variety of sports including Soccer, Golf, Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse and now with our "Sniper Series", your kids can use it for Hockey as well!

Remember, no matter what the sport, a Pro Series net provides automatic ball return, 5 minute push button setup (no tools required), and lightweight duffle bag transport and storage (included) - weighing only 28 lbs.

Eliminate the need and expense of multiple sport goals, rebounders and nets in your yard with one Pro Series net - truly a family purchase.

The size of a Pro Series net is 7' 6" tall x 8' wide x 3'6" and provides additional protection from errant pucks and balls missing the hockey goal. For the ultimate in garage door, home or yard protection consider using our Side Barriers as well (another accessory) which ship as a pair, complete with 4 sandbags (see photos and video).

Please note, the "Sniper Series" Street Hockey Goal is a product accessory and must be purchased and used in conjunction with our Pro Series net.

The push button assembly using the "Quick Color Connect" system is a breeze, as the "Sniper Series" consisting of 7 powder coated red aluminum tubes, simply connect into the lower legs of a Pro Series net.

Make sure to watch how easy the entire process is (3 minutes) by watching our Hockey Goal Assembly video on the video tab below.

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