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Extra Point Football Net


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The Net Return™ Extra Point Kicking Net is the most popular kicking net in the NFL and all of Division 1 Football.

It is designed to maximize a Placekicker and Punters warm up time during critical game situations.

The Net Return™ Extra Point Kicking Net can automatically return the Football back to a Punter, Placekicker or Long Snapper. This provides 30-40% more warm up punts or kicks during critical game situations.

The Kick n' Catch feature is a velcro adjustment that allows for Footballs to be caught in the front pocket, never touching the ground. This feature eliminates kicking wet, muddy or waterlogged Footballs.

Also Includes our Rugged Wheeled Duffle Bag making transportation to and from practice and game fields a breeze.

Equipment Managers you are going to love this product... Assembles in 5 min. (no tools) just our easy Quick Color Connect System™ 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee / Full One Year Warranty 

Proudly Manufactured in the USA

Not available in stores.


  • Height: 7' 6"
  • Width: 4'
  • Depth: 3' 6"
  • Weight: 45 lbs.

Your Extra Point Football Net can be customized to your exact specifications and design for an additional cost.  See details under Extra Point Net Customization 

Be sure to check out our videos (below) for easy assembly and installation instructions 

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