Pro Series Soccer & Multi-Sport Net

Price: $ 595.00

Item #: 898108002046-S

The Net Return™ Pro Series Soccer Nets Patented Design automatically returns the soccer ball to the player.

  • No More Retrieving Soccer Balls out of the back of the goal
  • Great for Individual and Team Use
  • The Pro Series Net includes: Net, Aluminum Frame and Rugged Green Duffle Bag


The Pro Series Soccer Net is Great for Individual Backyard Use

  • Your son or daughter can now practice soccer drills normally intended for two or more players.
  • Players can now spend more time on developing skills and eliminate the need to retrieve soccer balls from the back of the net

The Pro Series Soccer Net is Great for Team Practice Sessions as Well...

  • The automatic return soccer net enhances your teams practice time by allowing the players to increase the repetition and consistency of numerous team drills (line, opposite foot, passing, shooting, etc)
  • Use the net as a lightweight, portable soccer goal – easily transport to and from practice fields, away games, etc. in the provided duffle bag.
  • Use for Indoor Practice as well – Gyms, Recreation Centers, etc.

Multi-Sport Use - Including Golf, Baseball, Softball and Lacrosse

  • The Net Return™ Pro Series is not just for Soccer. It can be used for numerous sports such as Golf, Baseball, Softball and Lacrosse. This is why the Net Return™ Pro Series sport net is The Only Net You Need™

A Net Return Soccer Net is Designed for Years of Use
Each and every training net is individually handcrafted and designed for years of use. Our replacement parts system is the first of its kind in the world of sport training nets.

Replacement Parts? Damage a tube? Damage the net? No Problem!

Simply order the replacement part you need (online or over the phone) and we will ship it right out to you. Try that with any other training net!

What is the Warranty on a Net Return Soccer Net?
We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with a Full One Year Warranty on all the products that we sell.

Don't hesitate to give us a call (973-636-7354 Office) or drop us an email using our website Contact Page.

Easy Mobility and Transport, Includes Duffle Bag
The Pro Series assembles and breaks down in under 5 minutes using The Net Return's pushbutton "Quick Color Connect System". Simply match up the tube colors and the net assembles in no time.

The Net Return soccer training net breaks down into a duffle bag. The dimensions of the bag are 12" in diameter by 42" long weighing only 28 lbs. Real easy to store when not in use, or transport in the backseat or trunk of your car when traveling.



We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with a Full One Year Warranty on all the products that we sell.

Additional Questions? Don't hesitate to give us a call (973-636-7354 Office) or drop us a message on our Contact Page.


Phillip Vickers Testimonial

My wife and I have been using the net for about two weeks here in Minnesota. It's minus 12 here and we are hitting golf balls. Great product and worth the money. Yes we are watching the Golf Channel.

Phil Vickers


Home on the Range

Golf Digestix

The Net Return reviewed by Golf Digestix.


Corey Consuegra

Bridgestone Golf

“For the past three years, we at Bridgestone Golf have used The Net Return in our Ball Fitting program. The Net Return has proven to be the best available hitting net on the market. With more than 25 units around the United States and many more overseas, our Net Return’s catch a minimum of 400,000 shots per year. The quality and durability of the nets are the reason we choose The Net Return year in and year out. Not only is the product proven, but the staff at The Net Return provides service that is bar none, the best out there!”

New York Jets

Bergen Record Article

New York Jets 

 Dallas Cowboys

“Before field goal attempts, The Net Return Extra Point allows kickers more warm up reps. With the old nets, the ball would go in the back of the net and stay there, and a lot of times players’ helmets would get caught when they retrieved it. I always talk to the kickers from the opposing teams, and they’ve liked the new net, too. I think in a few years it’ll be the standard in the league.”

Thanks for a great product!