Pro on the Go Wheeled Duffle Bag

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The Net Return "Pro on the Go" Duffle Bag is designed for the ultimate in travel and mobility with your Pro Series training net. If you are an Athlete, Golf Teaching Professional, Coach or Dad looking for the ultimate in durability and ease of transport with your Net Return Pro Series Training net - this is it!

The Net Return "Pro on the Go" Duffle Bag is made of heavyweight black 1200 Denier Polyester fabric, urethane wheels, ridged powder coated steel frame backbone, hideaway retractable handle, cushioned carry and pull handles, and heavyweight zipper. The spacious storage compartment measures 41" x 12" x 12" and is designed to carry not just your Pro Series training net but the Side Barriers as well. The "Pro on the Go" makes traveling to and from home or away games, practices, tournaments, training facilities, etc. a breeze.

The "Pro on the Go" fits easily into any car trunk, backseat or luggage compartment.

Important Note - Do not purchase the "Pro on the Go" with your "Extra Point" Punting and Placekicking net as the "Pro on the Go" now ships standard with the "Extra Point".



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Phillip Vickers Testimonial

My wife and I have been using the net for about two weeks here in Minnesota. It's minus 12 here and we are hitting golf balls. Great product and worth the money. Yes we are watching the Golf Channel.

Phil Vickers


Home on the Range

Golf Digestix

The Net Return reviewed by Golf Digestix.


Corey Consuegra

Bridgestone Golf

“For the past three years, we at Bridgestone Golf have used The Net Return in our Ball Fitting program. The Net Return has proven to be the best available hitting net on the market. With more than 25 units around the United States and many more overseas, our Net Return’s catch a minimum of 400,000 shots per year. The quality and durability of the nets are the reason we choose The Net Return year in and year out. Not only is the product proven, but the staff at The Net Return provides service that is bar none, the best out there!”

New York Jets

Bergen Record Article

New York Jets 

 Dallas Cowboys

“Before field goal attempts, The Net Return Extra Point allows kickers more warm up reps. With the old nets, the ball would go in the back of the net and stay there, and a lot of times players’ helmets would get caught when they retrieved it. I always talk to the kickers from the opposing teams, and they’ve liked the new net, too. I think in a few years it’ll be the standard in the league.”

Thanks for a great product!